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    What are Prostadine Ingredients? 


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    Prostadine is a dietary supplement that contains a blend of natural ingredients that may help support prostate health. Some of the key ingredients in Prostadine include:

    Nori Yaki Extract Powder:

    According to the manufacturer of Prostadine, nori yaki extract powder is derived from the sea, and studies indicate that it can support prostate repair and help you maintain a healthy urinary system. BPH enlarges the prostate and causes damage, which the nori yaki extract may mitigate.

    Wakame Extract:

    Prostadine contains wakame extract to support normal bladder function and provide powerful antibacterial properties. Wakame’s natural antibacterial properties may make it useful for supporting bladder health. Wakame may promote normal function by targeting bacteria and other unnecessary compounds throughout the prostate and bladder.

    Kelp Powder:

    The active ingredient in Prostadine is a concentrated, extracted form of kelp powder. According to the manufacturer, this kelp keeps your body free of toxins and promotes a healthy urine flow. Kelp is known for being rich in natural antioxidants and a combination of vitamins and minerals, including iodine, which is one of Prostadine’s most vital components.

    Bladderwrack Powder:

    According to the manufacturer, bladderwrack powder, an ingredient derived from the ocean, can strengthen prostate cells and promote healthy libido levels.

    Saw Palmetto Extract:

    Saw palmetto extract contains kidney-supporting and antimicrobial properties. Due to its purported effects on hormone production, prostate health, and overall male health, saw palmetto extract is included in numerous testosterone support and prostate support formulas. Saw palmetto was added to Prostadine to support kidney health.

    Pomegranate Extract:

    Prostadine contains pomegranate extract to support healthy blood flow and testosterone levels. Pomegranate extract is abundant in vitamin C and other natural antioxidants.


    Iodine is one of the most essential components of Prostadine. Each serving contains more iodine than the minimum daily requirement, providing ample amounts of this essential mineral to support prostate health and function. According to studies, a deficiency in iodine increases the risk of prostate problems. According to Prostadine’s manufacturers, the iodine in the formula supports the urinary tract and promotes healthy prostate function.


    Shilajit is a fungi-like resin sourced from the Himalayas that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. According to studies, shilajit has powerful antioxidant properties and is rich in natural antioxidants, which support a variety of health benefits. Shilajit was added to the Prostadine formula for its ability to promote a restful night’s sleep. Numerous people with BPH and prostate problems have difficulty sleeping due to frequent nighttime awakenings.


    Prostadine contains neem, which has powerful antioxidant properties and benefits for sleep.


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